Instead of products, we create “pieces”, crafted with great care for the users as well the environment. We are passionate about working with the warmth of solid wood, especially oak and walnut, and attach great importance to sustainable raw materials.

nervosa collection

The project is based on traditional chairs typical of the Tyrolean and South Tyrolean area. They have aa very interesting feature from a structural point of view: the seat is the key element that unites all the pieces.

The “Nervosa” chair formally moves away from that typology but retains its constructive spirit while being made entirely with cnc technology. The material is entirely solid wood, which is perfect for the precision workmanship and mechanical characteristics required by this design. The chair is designed to be made of natural wood but with some aniline-treated variants that still allow the grain to show through.

saguaro hanger

Designed by Matteo Zorzenoni SAGUARO is a coat hanger that acts as a functional decorative element inside the house. Made entirely of solid wood, it has four adjustable arms that, depending on the need, can modify its volume until it resembles a Cactus from which it takes its name.

Catalogue 2022

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