Art Direction by /àr-o/ Studio

Woak inaugurates a new path by entrusting the artistic direction to /àr-o/ Studio based in Milan.

In the guidelines of the project curated by Raquel Pacchini and Andrea Steidl, there is the will to enhance the identity of Woak as a manufacturing company with an internal know-how of the highest level that combines the use of the latest generation machinery and the manual expertise of the carpenters.

àr o Studio: Raquel Pacchini and Andrea Steidl

Starting from the strong influence of the native land of the brand, /àr-o/ wants to investigate the cultural languages that become the key to understand the aesthetics of the wooden object. For this reason, at the base of the new vision there is the added value of a craftsmanship that gives life to objects with an executive complexity where every detail increases the quality of the product and the process.

The challenge accepted by /àr-o/ consists in showing the world the strength of a quality work that is the corporate heritage as well as an artistic engine to create unique solid wood furnishings for homes all over the world.