The origins of the word WOAK are somewhat ambiguous. One etymological current links it to the German verb waak- to be waken, while others are more in favour of its apparent phonetic links with the pronounciation of the word ”vogue”- leading place in popularity, fashionable and up to date. Whichever theory sounds more convincing, WOAK expresses both- being awake and observant to the New, while treasuring the very best from tradition.

We are a small furniture brand with great passion for wood. Originally founded in Switzerland and with production partners in Bosnia, what organically shaped our brand are the natural landscape and the long cultural history of wood craftsmanship for which both countries are well-known.

Instead of products, we create ”pieces”, crafted with great care for the users as well the envirnoment. We are passionate about working with the warmth of solid wood, especially oak and walnut, and attach great importance to sustainable raw materials.

Functionality is only the starting point. In fact, whenever a piece of furniture is mentioned, be it a dining table or a chest of drawers, we tend to visualize what happens around it- a family gathering, celebration, solitary dinner, contemplation in folding clothes, careful storing of memorabilia- all these are not only quotidian activities but intimate ceremonies. We celebrate these simple moments through our forms and materials.

Our goal is to create timeless pieces, drawing inspiration from the most prominent periods in furniture design, and an eye for everchanging contemporary aesthetic.

We take wood seriously.